Fifteen Interesting Term Paper Topics That Will Impress Your Teacher

We write for many reasons as students. Sometimes our aim is to spread the message about a cause we think has not been given much attention. Sometimes it is to air our feelings in a public forum because we need to get a few things off of our chests. At other times the reason is more simple. We want to impress a teacher.

To do this there are a few major concerns that you should address with your topic:

  • Is it a bit unusual?
  • Diversity is good in writing and many people have the habit of playing it safe with their teachers. If you want to be impressive, try something a little unexpected.

  • Is it still respectful?
  • While you may want to try something new, you should not let that desire make you choose a topic that will offend others. This is a hard line to walk and not everyone places it in the same way so be mindful.

  • Is it something you can handle?
  • Not every topic works well with every writer so be ready to pick again if you end up out of your league.

Consider any of the following as possibilities:

  1. Updating the face: How the cosmetic surgery industry has changed our views on aging
  2. Obese and healthy: Can a person manage to be both at the same time?
  3. Coffee Dependence: The case for criminalizing caffeine and all of its derivatives
  4. Female Bodies: A look through history at the various parts that have been most objectified in different eras
  5. Astrology vs Cosmology: How science has displaced mythology as a means of explaining the universe
  6. Obscenity Laws: Protecting public sensibilities or infringement on free speech
  7. Maslow’s Needs: Should additional needs be added to the hierarchy to reflect changes in modern society
  8. New History: To what extent have the narratives on previous cultures that we accept been fabricated by people who overthrew them?
  9. Circus culture: Are circuses a microcosm of the rest of society?
  10. How has Australia’s European population benefited from policies that discriminated against indigenous people over centuries?
  11. Should the practice of slapping babies in their first moments of life be revived?
  12. Are young girls being negatively affected by the idealized appearance of their cartoon princesses?
  13. Is there a medical reason for the preference for cold drinks?
  14. Should any religious groups be allowed national holidays if all are not?
  15. Why is treason a crime?