MLA Research Paper Citation Format: 10 Things To Know

When it comes to writing an academic paper, one of the things students are advised to take into account at all times is the style of writing. Many times, learners begin their paper without considering this and the end result has always been nothing but poor grades. While in some instance it may not be a compulsory requirement as is the case with essay writing, when crafting a research paper, falling short of academic writing style is sure to see you get poor grades at the end of the day. The question to this end is which academic writing style is ideal for someone looking forward to getting good grades? Well, there are a wide range of academic writing styles a student is supposed to know so that at any given point in time, you craft your paper based on what your tutor or institution recommends.

One of the widely used academic styles the world over is Modern Language Association abbreviated as MLA. Well, a lot of things go into MLA writing and which every learner out there must know if he or she wants to get good grades at the end of the day. To this end, the begging question is what are some of the aspects of MLA writing style a student must know and that will be a recipe for good grades? In this post, we delve into this question by taking you through things to know about MLA writing style ideal for research paper writing, so you have every need and desire to read on for insightful details.

  • Writing your bibliographic information
  • In any kind of academic writing, this is an important section you cannot afford to ignore for in doing so; you can be rest assured of poor grades at the end of the day. Well, when writing you MLA paper, the bibliographic section should adhere to set rules and guidelines regarding how authors’ names and book titles should appear as well as the year of publication.

  • Citing your sources within text
  • When it comes to attributing your sources, you should do it in such a way that the author’s name and the year of publication are separated by a comma and then bracketed.

  • Introducing attributed sources
  • When it comes to introducing information you have lifted from other sources, the use of words like, according to in order to give your paper authenticity.