Quick Tips For Writing A Research Paper On The Finite Element Method

Also known as FEM, the finite element method is a mathematical numerical technique used to find the approximate solution to a boundary value problem. It’s a particularly complex concept that is the cause for many students’ headaches, especially when it is the main focus of an extended research paper assignment. While we can’t go in-depth on the matter we can provide you with some really good tips on how to write such an assignment.

  1. Know your stuff and narrow your topic
  2. The first step is do both background and in-depth research. Start by finding out all you can about some of the key terms and issues being discussed on your subject. Narrow the focus of your study and get to looking up some academic resources at your university library to use as supporting evidence for your main argument.

  3. Develop an outline and thesis statement
  4. Look at your study notes and come up with a few narrow statements to serve as your thesis. You will always be able to come back and make changes, but it’s a good idea to give yourself some direction before getting started on your first draft. Since finite element method is a highly complicated subject on its own, you’re going to want to structure your outline so that it makes the most sense logically to the reader.

  5. Start writing the first draft of your study
  6. Get started composing the first draft immediately. It should be written quickly and efficiently without any breaks to momentum in order to make minor corrections. Just get all of your ideas down in one place; you should have plenty of opportunities to make corrections to the work later on in the process.

  7. Get some away time before fully revision
  8. After completing your first draft it’s a good idea to set it aside for a couple of days. This will let you return to the work with a rested mind and a greater ability to review the content and spot ways in which you could improve upon its structure and logic.

  9. Edit and proofread the final assignment
  10. The final step in composing a great research paper on the finite element method is to completely edit and proofread your work before submission. Do each of these at multiple levels: the paper, the paragraph, and the sentence. This will be your chance to make your sentences more clear and concise while finding errors that need fixing.