Writing A Research Paper Purpose Statement: Tips And Examples

If you want to create a perfect research paper, you need to follow the guidelines of your professor. He is always explicit about what you have to do, but most of the time you are careless and you forget or ignore. Well, things will change this time, if you are ready for some hard work. A composition like this is not difficult in nature, but it requires some attention from you. Some elements of the composition, like the purpose statement, will be carefully judged by your professor because students usually forget about this. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you with your research paper statement:

  • Make sure to not write more than you should. A purpose statement is usually not longer than a line or two; three in exceptional cases. This is because it needs to explain some things very clear, without going into detail or other content. Besides, it is placed at the end of the introduction, so it’s clear that you will not have enough space to write a few paragraphs. Keep yourself away from complicated or technical terms; this is not the place for this.

  • Explain what you hope to achieve with your research paper. It is supposed to have a purpose, right? Well this is exactly what you have to talk about in this statement. You can say why you chose this topic, and what contribution you are hoping to bring. Furthermore, you can place your paper in a wide context, saying that it will solve some vital problems related to this issue.

  • Describe the topic in a very few words. This, of course, if you did not do it in the introduction. You can say a few words about it and his importance for the world. If your professor assigned you this subject, don’t mention this; there are other interesting things that you can say about his ideas. Make sure that you do not waste too much time describing your topic; the purpose statement needs to be clear and precise. If it’s vague or confusing in any way, it will not be appreciated.

  • Proofread it at the end. I know that there are only two sentences, but you will be surprised how many mistakes you can make. You think it’s easy, so you stop paying attention and you write incorrect ideas; it’s better to check to be sure.