Planning and Writing a Perfect Research Paper

Planning the perfect Research paper, starts before the outline is ever designed. There are a series of steps to do before you ever outline your paper.

  1. Receive the subject
  2. Pick your topic and get it approved
  3. Research your topic
  4. Take notes, and start your bibliography
  5. Organize your notes
  6. Organize your bibliography

Step One

Listen to your instructor. They will give you all the information you need; subject, what they are looking for, and style. Most likely the styles you will use in your class will also be on your syllabus. You should have already got a book or books that cover the style(s) you will be using in your class.

Step Two

Look over the possible topics in the subject and find two to three things that interest you. Plan what you will write them about. Go to your instructor with the one that interests you the most, and suggest doing it. Tell them what you plan to do and cover. Most of the time they will accept it, but there is always that chance they might not. Have at least one or two back-ups ready.

Step Three

A research paper means it has to be academically acceptable. So use only qualified sources for your references. Start researching your topic, looking for the keywords that fit your topic. The only way you can use unqualified sources, is to get references from. And in that, they can be very valuable.

Step Four

As you do your research, take the notes you need. As you find sources that you need, take your notes then, write them on a notepad. Then record your sources on a separate notepad, just as you would your bibliography. Doing this will make it easier to transfer the bibliography to your paper when you are ready. It will also have all the info you need to just sit back and write. Be sure to have your bibliography the same way as you would in your paper.

Step Five

When you have all the information; a good rule of thumb is one resource per every one hundred to one hundred-fifty words. Now organize them. Put headers on your notepad and move the individual notes to the header they will be in. Number them as you plan to use them.

Step Six

When you have your notes organized, organize your bibliography to match it. This way you can copy and paste the bibliography to your paper when you are done.