Where To Find Research Paper Abstract Examples: An Elaborate Tutorial

Writing an abstract can be difficult, especially if this is your first experience of this kind. The majority of your problems regarding this issue can be easily solved if you study some good samples.

Please note that it’s imperative that you study only the highest quality examples. The abstract is an important part of your paper and must be written perfectly. This means that you cannot risk repeating someone else’s mistakes.

Here is how you can find high quality research paper abstract samples:

  1. Use an online search engine.
  2. If you choose the right keywords, you will be able to find several good websites that offer this kind of sample. It’s best not to search for “research paper abstracts” in general, but for research papers in your subject. When you look at the whole paper, you will be able to understand the principles used behind condensing the information from the whole work into a small abstract. You can also look for specialized guides that explain the rules of writing a good abstract. They are usually equipped with good examples. The websites that offer high quality abstract samples are:

    • Online research paper databases:
    • There are several databases to which students upload their works. These websites require registration and can offer a great selection of high quality papers on various topics.

    • University and college websites:
    • Many colleges and universities offer some of their students’ papers on their websites. Those are available for free and will teach you a lot of useful tricks. You can be perfectly sure in the quality of the papers posted there.

    • Specialized writing assistance websites:
    • There are quite a few pages that offer all kinds of writing advice for students. The good thing about this particular source is that it provides both samples and explanations on how to actually write a good abstract on your own.

    • Custom writing companies:
    • Some of these firms can offer samples for free, but quite a few will require some payment. You can benefit from employing this kind of service because there, you can get both some samples and advice from professional writers.

  3. Go to your school library:
  4. The research papers written by students are stored by the school for several years. You should be able to find them in your library, so this should be the first place for you to go when you need to find some good samples of academic writing. The only downside of this source is that the number of topics you can choose from will be limited.