Where Can I Get Proofread Examples Of Research Paper Abstracts?

Most research papers in APA style require abstracts. Writing an abstract is not easy, despite its small size (up to 200 words), because you have to compress the essence of your whole paper into a single paragraph. Here are a few places where you can find reliable research paper abstract examples to learn from.

  • Academic writing guides.
  • Browse the Web for APA research paper samples (unless you are required to write in a style other than APA – then look for paper examples in this style). Give preference to educational resources and online writing labs. Every sample found there is proofread, well-written, and explained. All examples come with formatting and style tips. Using APA guides is especially recommended if you are new to writing research papers with abstracts. A style manual will teach you how to build sentences in your abstract, and how to format it properly.

  • Scholarly journals.
  • Your school or college library should have lots of peer-reviewed journals. Every research study there comes with an abstract. Although published research works are considerably different from student papers in terms of style and structure, their abstracts are written according to the same rules, so you can use them as examples. Look for research studies in the field relevant to your paper (e. g. macroeconomics or developmental psychology). If possible, use articles with topics similar to yours. The main advantage of looking for abstract examples in scholarly journals is that these journals are very carefully proofread, and they only publish research papers of high quality.

  • Free dissertation databases.
  • Another place where you can discover lots of papers with abstracts at once is free online dissertation databases. Some of them have hundreds and thousands of papers. Not all databases provide free access to full texts, but for your purpose, a free preview of several first pages will fit as well – abstracts are found at the very beginning of a research paper. Moreover, dissertation abstracts are quite similar to those that have to be written for smaller research papers. All theses in reliable databases have been thoroughly proofread by their authors (or by hired professionals) prior to their defenses.

    The reason that you should use dissertation databases is that they are maintained and filled by educational institutions. Meanwhile, general online databases of free academic papers are directly filled by students, so samples there might be ridden with typos or have overall low qualities. Browse the Web for lists of free theses databases to discover lots of excellent abstracts.