How To Make A Title Page For An APA Research Paper: Essential Tips

The title page in your paper is the first thing to start your assignment with. When you submit your paper to the professor, you have to make sure that he or she gets a good first impression by looking at it. The APA format stands for the American Psychological association and it has specific instructions for writing a title page. You usually use this format to cite papers in psychology but you may even use it for other subjects if specified by your teacher.

If you are wondering how to write a title page for a research paper in psychology, then you should keep certain specifications in your mind. You can apply the same instructions for dissertations or other writing projects in this subject. It is however important to remember sticking to the instructions specified by your professor

The parts of a title page

Below are the important parts of a title page that you would include on the first paper of your assignment

  1. The title of your paper
  2. The name of the author
  3. The school or institute in which you are studying
  4. The page number
  5. The running header

If you want to compose a good title page for your research paper, you should begin with a strong topic. The topic should be specific and narrowed down to define the scope of your work. According to the publication manual, your paper title should not be longer than 12 words

Creating a title page in APA style

  1. After the title of your paper, you include the byline. The byline is supposed to be a place for the name of the author and the university or institution in which he is studying
  2. When you enter your name, make sure you include both your first and last name. Avoid using any abbreviation or title like Mr. or Dr. Etc.
  3. Include a running header in the left corner on the top of all pages of your assignment
  4. Include the page number on the upper right corner of your paper
  5. The first line in your page should be right aligned
  6. The running head on your title page should have fifty characters maximum and not more than that. This include spaces, punctuation and every character you use
  7. The title, name of the author, and the institution name should be in the center