In Search Of A Strong History Research Paper Example

There is nothing wrong with using a model to write an essay but what is wrong with your insights into the wonders of history and the historical figure or period you are writing about.

If your teacher has given you an assignment on a specific event, historical figure, or historical period of interest, there is a strong possibility that they are quite aware of both the extant scholarship on this subject and what is currently available both on and off the web. All teachers arm themselves against the possibility of plagiarism these days.

What your teacher wants is a paper informed by the scholarship but which is guided chiefly on your insights.

Finding Sample History Research Papers

Whether you are writing about a historical figure or period, you can find many good sample history papers to use as a model for your own.

First, if you are writing about a famous person, such as John F. Kennedy Jr., search for “strong student essays on JFK” or “Award winning essays on John F. Kennedy Jr.,” first, as this will pull up very strong, well written essays on a historical figure for you to use to pattern and emulate your own essay on. Even if your essay is not on JFK, you can watch how this student structures all the parts of the essay – the introductory paragraph, the thesis statement, the body paragraphs with evidence supporting the thesis statement, and the concluding paragraph.

Watch how the writer uses a strong thesis statement to guide the essay. Pay attention to how the writer uses strong, interesting, attention-getting sentences to begin the paper as well. These are the hallmarks of good writing.

Next, pay attention to how the writer introduces research into the research paper. One of the best ways to write a great research term paper of any kind is to use great introductory phrases to introduce quotes and paraphrases into the paper to include support for your thesis. You can use phrases such as “As leading historian Jean Folks notes, “John F. Kennedy was a master of presidential speeches (cite). Folks adds that “he was one of the most motivational speaking presidents we have ever had in the history of America” (cite).

These are called “signal phrases” and they are crucial to research writing of any kind.

You also want a conclusion that somehow brings your essay into the present moment.