How To Write A Term Paper Outline: Searching For A Reliable Sample

A paper needs to be well thought out and have some preparation. Your teacher may request that you turn in your outline with your final paper. You will want to find out if the teacher wants you to have a sentence or a topic outline. Once you find out what she wants, you can look around for a free and reliable sample. What you need to know is that you may not be able to see an entire outline for free. What matter sis that you are able to see the introduction, at least one body part, and the conclusion.

Places to Look for a Free Outline

  • Check out some college websites and look at their writing lab page or their English department page, you should be able to see some sample outlines at one of those places
  • English teacher and student websites should have samples
  • MLA and APA sites will have samples you can use as models
  • A writing company may have a part of a sample that you can use as a model for your outline
  • If you have a tutor, ask the tutor if he or she has some old outlines that you can look at for reference
  • If your school has a writing lab, there may be archived outlines for you to look at, but not for you to remove from the lab
  • Also the library may also have archived outlines that you can look at while in the library
  • Grammar and writing textbooks will have samples of outlines for you to review, the publishers of those books may also have a website where you can look at those outlines samples
  • You may also want to ask classmates who have written nice outlines if you can look at their outlines for reference

You should never have to pay for a sample outline. There are many places that will provide complete or partial outlines you can sue as a reference. As you look at the places mentioned above, just make sure to check out who wrote the outline. You do want the author to be qualified and to know what he or she is doing. Using a bad outline as a reference or a model for your outline is never a good idea. If you are careful in your search, you can find a good outline, topic or sentence, to use as your model that is free and is correctly formatted.