A List Of 10 Sarcastic Sociology Term Paper Topics For High School

Term paper writing can become very dull if you do enough of it for a long time. There are a few ways to combat this. You could stop doing them altogether, but then your grades would suffer and you might no longer be able to graduate. You could do them poorly and just barely graduate but it would be harder to get into college. If none of those options appeal to you, try picking topics with a bit of sarcasm. But first:

  • What is sarcasm?
  • It is a literary device that is usually used to comedic effect. The speaker will say something and through tone, body language or some other method make it clear that he or she means the opposite. As a high school student in your teens you should be fairly accustomed to this concept if not from your own behavior then from that of your peers.

  • Will your audience respond well to it?
  • Sometimes sarcastic speech comes across as rude. Other times it may seem to be comedic. This is often only because of who it is being directed at. You will need to decide if your audience can find humor in this literary device or if they may be a bit too prudish.

  • Can you successfully write it?
  • One of the tricks to sarcasm is that people must know that it is happening. Otherwise they will simply take the statement at face value and you may need to later on spell out directly what you were trying to state all along. This is more trouble than it is worth.

    Having answered all of those, you could start brainstorming a few like these:

    1. Should the term ‘antisociology’ be used to describe modern life?
    2. Has anomie become the new normal?
    3. If Comte is the father of sociology, where is the mother or was it created asexually?
    4. Should a new sociological theory be written to cover the lives of people who exist predominantly in MMORPGs?
    5. Has modern feminism become so unwieldy that a new masculinism is needed to provide balance?
    6. Is the internet the new opiate of the masses?
    7. Has the advertising industry prevented class consciousness from occurring?
    8. Will the proletariat revolution be carried out by artificially intelligent machines?
    9. Would social cohesion benefit from more nudity friendly spaces?
    10. Has virtual reality made it easier to achieve a measure of upward social mobility instantly?