How To Complete A University Research Paper In Chinese: Helpful Guidelines

Writing a university research paper on Chinese is not that difficult. All you have to do is follow some of these simple guidelines. It is not much different than writing a paper in English and all you have to do is learn the language before starting. Once you have mastered some of the language you an easily write the whole thing all by yourself. You will have to keep basic grammatical and spelling rule in mind when writing Chinese. The trick is making the reader understand what you are trying to say through your research paper.

Things you will have to keep in mind:

  • Pick a topic to work on. You cannot work on something that has been done before. Your work should be a valuable contribution and hence you will have to pick a topic that is unique and original.
  • Find out all the information you can. The paper is made of facts and information. Try to find out points that the reader may not know. Only then will the reader understand the worth pf your efforts and read till the end.
  • Plan the paper carefully. The planning is the key to the success of the whole endeavor. The right planning will help you express your views. You will have to keep the transitions and continuity intact, if you want to keep the reader engrossed in your Chinese paper. It is not an easy language but you will have to try your best. Keep the language easy and simple. If it is your first time. You will have to keep the flow effective. The reader should not feel disoriented when he moves from one point to the next.
  • Create the first draft using a sample. The right sample can be very helpful in creating the draft. You will know which component come after which one and what will you have to write for each.
  • Arrange all the points in the order you want. The order in which you express your points go a long way in getting the message across. You will have to prove the hypothesis and to do this you will have to arrange the points in the right order. Keep the most relevant one at the beginning.
  • After you have finished the draft, begin editing. Polish it till the paper is just perfect.
  • Do not forget to proofread before you submit your paper.