Fail-Safe Research Paper Psychology Topics For High School

You will always be told that the best way to write a successful research paper is to write about what you know. Or, write about something you are interested in or would like to study in more detail. So if you have a friend or relative who suffers from depression or has been impacted by drug abuse, then there are two topics which are probably close to your heart.

I’m not saying you have to write about those topics but at least they are themes with which you are familiar or have some personal experience. The gurus always push the position of writing about your own experiences and interests.

In this article we are talking about ‘fail-safe’ topics. This means that the topics are well-known, in the news, related to life where you live and have heaps of relevant research material from which you can obtain formation.

So what interests you in the fields of psychology? What would you like to write about? Using the answers to those questions will guide your choice of topic. And always ask your teacher once you’ve selected a topic or two. Getting good advice before you start is always a smart move.

From the following titles, choose one which appeals or use one to brainstorm another more appealing topic.

  • How has bullying online impacted the life of you and your friends?
  • Why do so many young people experiment with drugs?
  • Depression is sometimes hard to detect. Why is this so?
  • What type of personality disorders are prevalent today and how do they impact the friends and family of sufferers?
  • How has today’s media brought new forms of pressure to teens?
  • Because medical science has made such advances, how will this impact the longevity of people?
  • What is stress and how does it affect the health of people?
  • Does the use of non-traditional medicine really work?
  • Should governments tax things like sugar in light of the obesity epidemic today?
  • Why do gambling opportunities continue to entice customers to spend their money and what impact does addiction to gambling have on the health of gamblers and their family?
  • How has the traditional marriage situation today been viewed from other points of view and how has this impacted on the lives of families?
  • Why do people spend so much money on cosmetic surgery and does such behaviour improve the health of the patient?