Advice On How To Compose A Strong Research Paper Proposal In 6 Easy Steps

You have a paper to write, but first you need approval for the topic. Use our handy six steps to draw up and compose the best subject proposal.

  • Pick the topic-you must first narrow down the field of possible topics. You will probably then discuss the candidates with your advisor or teacher. The school’s protocol will determine who approves the subject, but with a simple research paper, the odds are great that the approval will come from your professor.
  • Consider the question and how it will be approached and proven-what question about your field will you study? And are there gaps in this field that need to be addressed. Consider how you will approach and prove this answer/question.
  • Build a thesis statement- at this point some main ideas or points about the topic have been discovered. While your proposal does not delve deeply into the paper, you do need to mention the points you will address in the essay.
  • Write the introduction to study you will address-for the introduction follow this template by including these items and only change it to accommodate your composition topic.
    • The Problem sentence or sentences
    • The summary (for example I fit is on a novel, summarize the plot in around 100 words if possible)
    • Discuss the gap in the piece
    • Write out the purpose statement (why you are going to the this study and how it will impact others and why they should care)
  • Determine the investigation method-what methods of research will you use. Identify the case studies, surveys, interviews, and other fact gathering means you will implement.
  • Describe your procedures for research and data collection- composing the research plan for your paper proposal is important. What sample size, criteria, characteristics, and such will you include. Then describe how you will analyze the things you have gathered. Also consider discussing how you will present the evidence you have discovered. Will it be displayed in a chart graph or other means of delivery?

As you prepare to get approval for your topic, know that your teacher will also guide you through the process. As a rule, the template above will be very helpful. If your subject is unique or does not follow this format, consider seeking out your teacher or employing a writing company for assistance. You can use our six easy steps to help you on your journey.