A List Of Outstanding Medical Topics For Research Papers

One of the fields of education that is constantly evolving and developing is medicine. Every day, a group of scientists, physiologists, researchers and what not discover a new disease or a new cure. Thus, it is no doubt that working on a paper in medicine is not only exciting but also tough, since the pressure to bring something substantial to the table is at an all-time high. Thus, here is a list of outstanding medical topics for research papers.

Outstanding medical topics for research papers

  • Behavioral and Allied Sciences:
    1. Drug Addictions
    2. Behavior comparison between apes and humans in various situations of similar stress levels
    3. Mood disorders
    4. Slow learning children and development
    5. Neurobiology
    6. Memory Disorders such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease
    7. Allergy and Immunology:
    8. Allergies
    9. Asthma
    10. Antibiotics and Allergies
  • Cancer research:
    1. Pediatric Oncology
    2. Chemotherapy
    3. Alternatives to Chemotherapy and their impacts
    4. Preventing and controlling cancer
    5. Cancer statistics and distribution according to various criteria such as geography, population distribution, sex, occupation and so on
  • Genetics:
    1. Gene Splicing
    2. Mutation: the process
    3. X-men: a future possibility or an impossible feat
    4. Immunogenetics
    5. Genetics and mental disorders: how are they related
    6. Downs Syndrome
  • Medicine and Social Causes:
    1. Infant mortality rates in South Asian countries
    2. Abortion: the moral aspect
    3. Child labor and related diseases
    4. Psychological impacts of broken families
    5. Inculcation of violence among children with violent backgrounds
    6. Geriatrics Care: Uncharted territory in India
    7. Causes and Prevention from Radiation
    8. Chernobyl: Impacts on health after years
    9. Rehabilitation in different countries
    10. Euthanasia: The logical explanation, and why it is necessary
    11. Primary Healthcare in Underdeveloped Countries
    12. Development of medicines in Africa and the subsequent progress
    13. Disaster Prevention and related Healthcare
    14. Health and Psychiatric care in prison
    15. Plastic Surgery: the last option
    16. The Black Plague: Can there be another?

    These, of course, are only some examples of the plethora that are available on the internet, and in journals. If none of these seem fit to your needs, you can scour for more on any search engine. Keep in mind, however that these may be considered very broad fields of research, especially topics such as chemotherapy. When writing a research paper, keep your topic as narrow and specific as is possible. This will give your paper a direction, as you will be able to dish out related literature and researchers quickly. However, areas that might not have been explored fully yet, such as mutation, may be taken as topics since any new information on them is important.