Interesting Ideas For Social Psychology Research Paper Topics

Looking for interesting ideas in social psychology to do your research paper on? For many students, it is much more difficult to come up with an actual topic than it is to do the research and the writing. If this is the case for you, take heart. There are plenty of excellent places to browse online for inspiration. To get you started, here is a list of 25 really interesting ideas that may peek your curiosity:

  • Social control and cults
  • Social cognition
  • Leadership: Theory and practice
  • Rock concerts and social dynamics involvement
  • The nature , theory, and practice of love
  • Gender identity: The role that questioning plays in LGBTQ
  • Why we fall in love with one person over another
  • How religion influences personality in various age groups
  • Child psychotherapy: Does play therapy really work?
  • What is the influence of Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter/ YouTube on human psychology
  • Reality TV: Why are we addicted to these often scripted fantasies?
  • Implied social order: On a bus, train, or elevator, who moves where when it starts to get full? What about when people leave?
  • How people behave differently when other people are present: If a public washroom is empty, do people wash their hands?
  • People of different ethnicity: How do they describe themselves and other groups?
  • Cognitive dissonance: Why and how people lie to themselves
  • Social identity theory: Why prejudices and groups come together so easily
  • Bystander apathy: Why we look away and do not provide assistance
  • The worldwide obsession with fast food restaurants
  • Is depression affected by the gender of an individual?
  • The psychological effects of various types of torture
  • A list of common phobias and how they affect various personality types
  • The psychological profile of a typical member of a terrorist organization
  • The psychological profile of a worker in the sex trade
  • The ethical and legal effects of gay adoption
  • Homophobia: A psychological profile

If any of the possible topic ideas listed above are not quite what you are looking for, they may give you ideas so that you can narrow down your search. While some of these have become popular topics in the social psychology field, there are many listed above that have not been done to death, making them great options to make your mark with.