What Is The Secret Of Creating A Winning Research Paper For A Science Fair

The secret to creating a winning research paper for a science fair is to take control of your science homework and your time.

There are very few students who actually love homework, but there is a purpose to it. Homework serves to:

  • Reinforce the things that you have learned that day
  • Create effective study habits that you can use for the rest of your life
  • Prepare you for each new class
  • Provide you with a sense of progress

So how can you handle homework effectively? Follow these tips:

  1. Keep everything in perspective.
  2. This is important. Many students misunderstand and will focus their precious time and energy on the tasks that are due first. But in reality, they should focus it on tasks that have the most importance overall. For example: if you have only one hour left in which to study, and two assignments, consider which one weighs more and focus your time on that. Your math homework may be due tomorrow, but if you finish your term paper, which accounts for twenty five percent of your total grade, it will be worth more than the math assignment which is worth just one percent of your grade. Figure out what is the most important in terms of overall success, and if you are short on time, focus on that.

  3. Set the mood. Start by setting the mood.
  4. Create a study space that has everything in it that you would need to complete your work. If there is no place in your home where you can work quietly, without interruption, try working at the school library.

  5. Create a list.
  6. You should make a list of your assignments and deadlines so that you know where to begin each time you sit down to work. Handle your most challenging tasks first, so that as your focus dwindles near the end of the day, you can still work effectively.

  7. Study regularly.
  8. This means at the same time each day. If you get home at 6pm, try studying from 6:30 until 8:00. If you break down your assignments into smaller chunks, you can manage to work for one or two hours each day and still get everything done. If you have a longer list of items due that day, you can work for a bit longer. If your list is short or nearly empty, then use that study time to get started on some review for an upcoming test.