What Are The Main Types Of Research Paper Methods: A Brief Tutorial

During high school, you are required to write different types of compositions. Of course, for each composition you have to make research to find out more about the topic. As simple as it seems, it can get tricky when you don’t know where you can find trustworthy information and what is the best way to build your research paper. Besides, you will be required to mention in your text what methods did you use, and your teacher will judge your essay based on this. This brief tutorial will explain to you how to build the most common types of research paper:

  • The argumentative research paper. In this kind of composition you have to convince the audience that you are right regarding a certain point. In general, this means that the topic needs to be well known by everyone and controversial.

    • There is no point in writing about something that everyone agrees on. Once you have the topic, you have to find out everything there is about it.

    • In order to convince others that you are right, you need to bring arguments, facts, evidence. It is not enough to express your personal opinion.

    • After you are done with the body of the text, you can move on to the conclusion. Here is where you decide if you achieved your goal; did you prove that you are right? Did you bring enough arguments to convince the audience?

  • The analytical research paper. Unlike the other type, in an analytical paper you have to analyze and discuss a certain issue or idea. You have to be completely objective, and to keep your personal opinion away.

    • You can analyze simple, common issues. As long as you can keep your colleagues interested and your professor satisfied, it does not actually matter what you write about.

    • Get informed from different sources. You want to have a clear idea about the topic, but this will not happen unless you read different opinions. This means that you have to be ready to accept more than one perspective, even if it does not fit your principles or ideas.

    • Be objective. As I said, there is no place for your personal preferences. If you want to express your opinion, do it at the end of the text in a few short sentences.