Looking For A Checked Research Paper Sample Table Of Contents

Table of contents is important for every type of research paper. It not only gives a hint of what is inside the paper but also helps in navigating quickly to desired location in the research paper without having to skim through the entire paper.

Preparing a table of contents is an easy task if you will follow the under mentioned guidelines:

  1. Use word processing tools
  2. Most word processing tools like MS word and Open office provide quick inks to create table of contents. They can be created in various forms and templates of the user’s choice. They can be updated frequently when the data set undergoes a change easily with the click of a button.

  3. Using good headings
  4. A table of contents can be made perfectly only if it has good headings. The student must pay attention to outline good headings that will captivate the reader as well as create an impression. The table of contents will also help in keeping the undivided attention of the reader if the headings are written perfectly.

  5. Keeping it simple and short
  6. A table of contents is only a brief gist of the contents of the paper. It should be short and crisp and should not intimidate the reader about the sheer volume of the paper. It is important to choose the right words that will communicate the message correctly without any misinformation.

  7. Sorting and classification
  8. The table of contents should be sorted and classified according to the topic of discussion. There should be relevant heading and sub-headings so that readers can relate to the paper easily and conclude on an opinion easily. Sorting and classification will also make it easy to edit and modify the contents on a later stage.

  9. Format and presentation
  10. Ideally most tables of contents are presented in columnar form. The page number will also be presented alongside the heading or sub-heading. The title should be at the top and it should be followed by the main headings and sub-headings. Care should be taken to arrange them in order and not to leave them in random order which can confuse the reader.

All these points are not topic specific therefore no matter what is your concern field, you can follow these tips to make your work perfect and error free. Format and content of your write up are two extremely important areas of all these points. A good content will make your work a masterpiece.