A Good Way To Craft A Research Paper Introduction And Conclusion 

A research paper contains an introduction, body and conclusion, which must be written in adherence to specific guidelines like other sections. Academic or professional papers are marked with respect to these guidelines. Student, therefore, have no option than to adhere with below guidelines in order to craft a convincing paper introduction and conclusion. 

  1. Introduction: It should make the reader understand why he is reading the essay and what to expect. Remember that a good essay introduction should be captivating, which is determined by how the author presents the arguments. The introduction starts with a thesis statement. This statement comprises the main argument of the writer in relation to the topic at hand. The argument might be in support of or against the issues raised in the topic. The argument must be captivating and interesting, but reasonable. In addition to the thesis statement, the introduction comprises the following subsections: 
    • Statement of the problem: The author of the paper provides a short description of the exact problem for which an answer is to be sought through the research.
    • Background of the study: It offers the reader with any previous or historical developments in relation to matter to be investigated.
    • Purpose of the research or objectives: One should provide the direct reason for engaging in the work. 
    • Objectives or hypothesis: A hypothesis is a direct proposition of what you think the outcome of the research will be. The hypothesis is specific elements of the main argument, which will be subjected to testing using qualitative and statistical methods. They are finally proved false or true. The objective is what the student aims to achieve in the paper. In drawing the objectives, one must breakdown the main arguments so as to ensure that each of the objectives will be met using research methods. 

  3. Conclusion: The conclusion of any paper should focus on developing a final position of the discussed topic. This position should be informed by the findings or outcomes of the research. Remember, the findings and outcomes of testing a given hypothesis are based on the topic. With a clearly understood thesis statement or main argument, it should be easy to see if the findings support it or not, and that is what you indicate in the conclusion. The author must tell the reader if their hypothesis or proposition still holds after being tested with credible methods and tools.