Academic Tutorial On How To Complete A Research Paper In Psychology Without A Hitch

Writing a research paper is a common expectation in many scientific professions but especially when it comes to psychology. But how do you write an effective research paper? Follow these guidelines to guarantee that you’ll be on your way to competing your research paper in psychology without a hitch.

Keep Your Title Concise

The title of your paper should be concise and give a good example of what your paper is all about with as few words as possible.

Write an Effective Abstract

An abstract is a summary of what your report is all about. Try to keep it under a paragraph. While short, an abstract needs to provide an effective summary of what your experiment is all about- from the problem you’re hoping to solve, your methods, what results you came up with to the conclusion you’ve drawn. It’s a spark notes version of your report and will tell a reader everything they need to know about the experiment without ever having to read the report itself.

Your Introduction Matters (And So Does your Discussion and Results)

The introduction is one of the most important parts of your report. Introduce the problem you’re addressing and make sure you include a well-founded theorem and hypothesis statement.

The method section follows and will introduce the details of what your experiment entails. Don’t neglect this section, even though most readers may skip the report while casually reading it.

Your results section will give a summary of what you discovered through your experimentations. Include a summary of the statistics and results of relevant statistical tests. You may find it helpful to include graphs or charts.

Last but not least, include a discussion section. This will allow you to provide readers with a reflection on the implications of your findings.

Citation Matters

When writing any form of research paper, always use APA format. And give proper credit to any sources or journals you draw from- failure to do so is considered plagiarism.

Language is Important

While it can be generally assumed that most readers will be familiar with the discipline you’re writing in, the most effective papers are written with a more general, but still scholarly audience in mind. Use strong, effective language. Short, concise sentences are a plus. And always use the active voice when possible.

Writing a paper for psychology is a noble endeavor. But by keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be on your way to writing more effective, stronger research articles.